Turkey’s leader in holistic wellness health care

Vitalica Welness’s “tailor-made” clinical treatments are provided by the expert staff in light of the experience over 20 years gained at ethica general hospital and 3 of estethica aesthetic hospitals, which are a part of the same health group.

Our programs and modules are developed in light of preventive and lifestyle medicine by our experts, which are unique compared to competitors around the world.

The Wellness Experience...

Take a step towards Vitalica Wellness’s world full of privileges, developed uniquely for you to lighten, purify, become more nourished and feel healthier!

Just as in our health group, we create 360° solutions for your physical and mental health

Here, with the world’s most developed and advanced systems, you will get to know your body better, learn how to maintain and improve your health, and find sustainable solutions for your goals by discovering yourself… ...

Vitalica Welness’s individual therapy sessions and healthy kitchen quicken your body and mind’s rejuvenation processes and make you stronger. This energy will help to balance your mind and spirit.

Vitalica Welness’s philosophy has been built on time, attention and care. Our specialist therapists and practices bring your real potential out into the world by offering a unique experience.Designed with the most innovative holistic services,

Wellness programs synthesize ancient Ayurvedic, Chinese and Iranian medicine, used for centuries to improve people’s health and fight illnesses, with modern medicine.



Vitalica Wellness Kitchen

Experience of Le Méridien Bodrum Beach Resort

This is your home. The effort to lead a healthier life is at the center of humans’ heroic story and the civilization on earth. Le Méridien Bodrum Beach Resort is a hotel which offers all you may need to feel calm, relaxed, purified and healthy.

Le Méridien Bodrum Beach Resort

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