Ayurvedic Detox Program

The focus of this program is to improve the digestion at the cellular levels by stimulating digestive juices and removal of toxic substance from body, there are 5 stage of cleansing involved in this program, it’s the cleansing of sinus and nasal passages, lungs detox, liver detox, digestive system, and Intestines. Before detoxification begins, we prepare your body with prescribed herbs and oils, to let go of the toxins. Next is external oilation which is the done by application of oil to the entire body with a massage technique that helps toxins move towards the gastrointestinal tract. After this therapeutic sweating and Colima is given to make sure toxins released from the body. Before you leave lifestyle, changes are prescribed with special diets to rest and rejuvenate the cleansed system, along with natural herbal remedies. At vitalica Panchakarma is performed under the supervision of Dr. Koshlendra Pratap which is customized for each guest with their specific constitution in mind.

Ayurvedic Detox Program (7 days)

    • Ayurvedic consultation at the binging of the program
    • Ayurvedic consultation at the end of the program
    • Ayurvedic pulse diagnosis
    • Complete body analysis test
    • Nutrition consultation with expert
    • Ayurvedic detox food supplement by Vitalica Wellness
    • Ayurvedic detox nutrition (Breakfast lunch and dinner)
    • Ayurvedic detox drinks, according to the prescription
    • Follow-up during the stay
    • Personalized health plan before you leave
    • Ayurvedic cooking group class at The Chef’s Studio (1 seance)

    Ayurvedic Treatments (Treatments are included to the program price)

    • Personalize Ayurveda detox massages (3 seances)
    • Personalize Marma ayurveda joint massage (2 seances)
    • Shirodhara – Head and neck treatment (2 seances)
    • Detox Vasti (colema) or Virachana (Purgation) treatment according to body type (3 seances)
    • Nasayam – Ayurveda Nasal and sinus cleansing (1 seance)
    • Complete ayurveda body wrap (1 seance)
    • Ozone saunas (3 seances)
    • Abdomen massage (20 minutes)

    Ayurvedic detox program lasts 7 days (1 week). You can repeat the program on a weekly basis as much as you want to.


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