Le Meridien Bodrum Beach Resort

This is Your Home

By All Means, a Soul Detox in Bodrum’s Magical Nature.

Designed with respect for nature, Le Méridien Bodrum Beach Resort embraces a lush peninsula located at the coast of crystal-clear Aegean Sea and covered with dozens of plant types such as olive, Daphne, palm, orange, kumquat and lemon. The hotel makes a difference with its nature-adapted modern design and 650-meter white sand beach.

Le Méridien Bodrum Beach Resort gets plenty of light and is designed with a spacious and timeless vision. The comfort, the fresh air and the tones of blue dancing with the sea make you feel the freshness of the morning on your face. The clean air of the Bodrum peninsula, which has one of the highest levels of oxygen in the world and in Turkey, warrants that you wake up revitalized and full of inspiration. This magical atmosphere filled with the scents of aromatic plants and spices recharges your body and mind by ensuring that you regain your energy.

Vitalica Wellness treatments take their strength from the nature around Bodrum. The tones of green, blue and turquoise sprawling before your eyes at Le Méridien give your mind and soul serenity… You can discover the mysterious medieval Bodrum Castle, the ruins of Halicarnassus Mausoleum, the traditional cube homes of Bodrum, the Mindos Gate built in the 360s B.C., the ancient theatre, windmills and the ancient towns of Iasos, Pedasa and Madnasa. In the spring and autumn months, Bodrum enjoys a temperature of around 18-30°C (65-85°F). Vitalica Wellness combines the most valuable treatments offered by nature and science. It crowns modern medicine with the knowledge of traditional medicine and promises to change your lifestyle by touching your senses deeply…

Le Méridien Bodrum Beach Resort